How to choose a good display, what is the color gamut in the display parameters?

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I believe many people will refer to the numerical parameter variety in the purchase of the display, like panel, display size and resolution, interface and so on, one of which is we need to pay attention to but I think the real understanding is not much. That is the color gamut. See the general display color gamut are 3, respectively: sRGB, NTSC and Adobe RGB. So what exactly are they? What is important? Today we will talk to everyone:


What is the color?

First of all, we need to understand what is the concept of color gamut. With the official's words: the color gamut is method of encoding a color, also refers to the sum of a technical system can produce color. In computer graphics, is a subset of the full gamut color. The most common application of color subset is used to accurately represent a given situation. For example, a given color space or color range is an output device.

In fact, in our own understanding, refers to a device (such as a color screen display device, printer or printing equipment etc.) area which can express the number of colors in the real world, the visible nature of color formed the largest color space, the color space contains all colors the human eye can see.

Along with the color gamut, and color space, the two concepts are generally accompanied. Color space is a set number of colors can display equipment performance, color space is broader, more types can display color, the color gamut is also bigger.

However, even this is difficult for people to easily understand what is the color gamut, so CIE International Lighting Association developed a method to describe the color gamut: CIExy chromaticity diagram.


In this coordinate system, various display devices can show the color gamut of the triangle area with RGB three connected to said, triangle area is greater, said this is the color gamut range of display devices. For we buy display users, do not need to see so many color standard, we need only three standards can remember them, that is sRGB, Adobe RGB and NTSC. I believe that the purchase of display friends must have seen them, here we mainly introduce the concept and the relationship between them.

Select the display color gamut attention needs three values: sRGB, Adobe RGB and NTSC and the relationship between the three

SRGB (standard Red Green Blue) is a kind of color language protocol jointly developed by Microsoft EPSON, HP and other giants of the image, it provides a standard way to define the color, to display and print and scan all kinds of computer peripheral equipment and application software have a common language for color. SRGB represents the standard of red, green and blue three basic colors, the color gamut of the display when the sRGB value indicates a very professional 100%, 96% to 98% is a common level, the middle level. If the sRGB color value cannot reach 100%, show that the display can not display all colors, the smaller the value of the display.

Can be seen from the concept of sRGB, it is a standard definition of color, a color space is provided, so simply: NTSC is a color gamut space to develop national television standards committee, Adobe RGB is the color standard developed by Adobe company, and sRGB is jointly developed by HP and Microsoft Corp in 1977, the three standards representing different specifications.

So what is the relationship between them? According to the drawing parameters of color gamut color space, the color gamut of Adobe RGB and NTSC1953 almost standard approaches, and sRGB (standard RGB) to less than two. SRGB = 72%NTSC, Adobe = 95%NTSC RGB. As shown above. That is to say the colors that can be at least sRGB. But sRGB is a widely used color space in the world, the vast majority of the display and a variety of network services, only support sRGB color gamut. Compared to AdobeRGB and sRGB, can show more delicate green and cyan. The color gamut of NTSC is the most widely.

Numerical display in the purchase when we should pay attention to

From the definition we can know about, sRGB color gamut standards for the definition of computer peripheral equipment is proposed, then for the general work or daily print, users can buy it mainly for 100%sRGB; Adobe RGB is the color standard developed by Adobe company, according to the graph of the people, you can pay more attention to Adobe RGB value; NTSC as television standard, the most wide color gamut were also in, then displays the user in movie lovers can mainly refer to its value.

We will be shown here, see the contents in a variety of color gamut evaluation display test. In our daily monitor test in the test results of 100% SRGB can be said to achieve the common color gamut display extreme (behind when it comes to wide color gamut display, can break through the limit). AdobeRGB color display numerical general roughly 72% - 80%, over 80% can be regarded as excellent, qualified color gamut of NTSC is 72%, the super display performance. So when we buy, you can look at this aspect of the official and media test.


Whether all kinds of wide color gamut publicity is true?

Now many manufacturers have played under the guise of a wide gamut display to attract consumers, the wide gamut is what? In fact, after reading the above description, the wide gamut is not difficult to understand, in fact, a wide gamut has not been particularly clear norms, the international standard is the color coverage rate can reach NTSC92% as wide color gamut, but in the display area, usually when the color gamut of more than 80%, is calLED a wide gamut. Its main advantage is to show a more rich and more colorful. Different is, the display not only be used for entertainment, are also closely related with the daily work, so the wide color gamut display in addition to significantly enhance the user experience, was used for professional photography and design work or professional color printing can also present a more realistic color, better meet the needs of professional users.


Edge ball wide color gamut

At present a lot of display for sale on the market for more than 80% of their nominal NTSC, and called themselves the wide color gamut, but we should pay attention to is to distinguish the pros and cons, the higher the NTSC values of color gamut wider, display effect will be better, and some display although nominal reached 80%, but is not measured, this can be said to be not too the conscience of the behavior, when we need to pay attention to the purchase.


How should we choose?

One problem here, I believe we have a certain understanding, the author finally to answer a question, someone asked whether the color gamut is higher, the better display, here the author's answer was affirmative, the display color gamut coverage percentage more, the higher the value, means that it can show more rich color the effect of natural, better. For ordinary users, the general capacity of color screen to cover the sRGB gamut enough we use, and the so-called wide gamut screen, ordinary users can choose, but should be more professional or demand more choice.


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