Uled TV and Quantum Dot TV which is better

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ULED TV is to enhance the effect of television to optimize the TV from the back light source, backlight with area dynamic control technology and HiView painting graphics engine two quality improvement technology, the United States, European and domestic patents certification, enhance the quality display effect is real.


Quantum dot TV introduction

Quantum dot TV backlight is the application of the technology of quantum dots is a TV, LCD tv. It is different with the traditional LCD TV backlight mainly used different, resulting in the performance of many different, than the traditional LCD TV traditional LED backlight has more advantages in the picture quality and energy saving and environmental protection, has become a new direction for the development of LCD TV industry. 2014 at the end of the year, domestic and foreign manufacturers have launched with quantum dot technology tv.


Uled TV and TV which quantum dots

Uled TV and quantum dot TV which is better? A small series of the uled TV and TV the benefits of quantum dots to enumerate, which respectively see who you favor.


Quantum dot TV where

Due to the recent with "quantum dots" TV title often appear in the network, a lot of friends may think that this is the first reaction of new things like a plasma TV like. In fact, quantum dot TV or LCD TV, LCD TV and the biggest difference is that it uses the new technology of the backlight technology, TV shows that quality has been significantly improved based on.

Since about 2006 of flat-panel TV began to spread, LCD TV industry with its advantages gradually eliminated the CRT TV, rear projection TV and plasma tv. But the LCD TV recognized poor display problem has always existed, which is mainly manifested in: LCD TV and plasma compared to low contrast (leading to black is not enough deep), low (color gamut to bright enough), long response time (see the game will smear). Quantum dot is a low TV solution to the color gamut of these three questions, and goes beyond the plasma tv.


(black dashed lines in quantum dots are TV color gamut, white dotted in the traditional TV color gamut)


What is the color?

Popular speaking, a TV color gamut can understand range can display color gamut, more widely, the color performance better (of course depends on the level of color manufacturers). Usually use NTSC color standard in the TV industry, we can understand the level of different types of TV color gamut through the objective value.

Common display devices NTSC color gamut coverage value of CIE1931 (better):

The high-end CRT TV is about 70%

Plasma TV 81%

LED LCD TV 68-72%

Quantum dot LCD TV 110%

ULED TV 130%

OLED TV 85% (LG)

The comparison shows that quantum dot LCD TV technology based on the mature, but the color gamut coverage favorably is considered to be the future star of the OLED TV, really attractive. But we should also know that only a part of the color gamut, plasma and OLED still has an overwhelming advantage in contrast and response time.


(yellow substance in the tube is the mystery of quantum dots)

ULED TV is good

(1) high color gamut

See more high color gamut display ULED by blue chip red and green phosphors or quantum dots excited by studying the spectral distribution of hundreds of LED backlight spectrum and dozens of color filter, establish the simulation model of a liquid crystal module color gamut, and by thousands of sets of experimental data to optimize the design, color filter and high color gamut LED the backlight spectrum is relatively good. Detected by the authorities, after the upgrade of the ULED1.5 product range to achieve BT.709 color gamut display high-definition TV color gamut standard value 120%. ULED1.5 product design Vivid (Xian Yan) mode, in this mode the user can view the image color more amazing.


PCR accurate color reproduction technology ULED

The use of narrow spectrum high color gamut technology, RGB color purity is higher, the accurate color reproduction technology of image adaptive color image color processing, security details of the performance and precision reduction.

(2) high contrast and see more details of a multi partition backlight dynamic control technology of ULED backlight will be divided into a plurality of independent control unit, backlight brightness adjustment according to the corresponding region of each frame image brightness distribution of the accurate. ULED's first mixed type fine dimming, dynamic contrast ratio 8 million: 1, compared to the ordinary 4k TV up to 3 orders of magnitude, compared to the high-end 4K TV up to 2 orders of magnitude.

Adaptive partition technology to enhance ULED first peak brightness adaptive peak brightness improving technique and dark field image detail enhancement technology, can analyze the brightness distribution characteristics of each frame image, the peak brightness highlighting image scene and picture brightness level rich in the corresponding area of back light lifting, the maximum brightness can be achieved more than 3 times improvement, extension contrast of the picture, the image level is more abundant, more stereoscopic.

Continuous tone curve adjustment technology of ULED by adjusting liquid crystal module driving technology driven analog voltage and 14bit image processing technology, realize the continuous adjustment of gray curve, the image gray level transition more clear and consistent with human visual perception, image display smooth fine dark, one of the strongest performance. The application of this technology in the field of medicine can help doctors identify subtle differences in the field of image, the user can bring distinct details realized excellent picture effect civil LCD TV display.

Digital optical uniformity of ULED through Hisense's unique digital optical uniformity of backlight module and liquid crystal molecules to adjust the deflection, reduce the optical brightness difference between adjacent LED, realize the transition of the progressive and uniformity of the gray level in response to the error rate of less than 3%, less than the international medical display gray scale standard deviation of response rate of 15% (on the accuracy of medical gray scale the highest requirements)

(3) high speed response

See more clearly the ULED high speed scanning system up to 1440Hz, making the LCD backlight in the dark field scanning state in the spinning process, reduces the residual sense of eye image, the motion picture smooth.

In general, quantum dots and ULED TV is to upgrade LCD LCD TV backlight technology, the two technology is similar, there is no obvious difference, but the more wide color gamut ULED TV, ULED TV, an upgraded version of the traditional quantum.



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