Simple 100w power amplifier circuit schematic

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Simple 100w Power amplifier circuit schematic

This circuit has a symmetrical structure and requires no complicated debugging process beyond the matching of the transistors.

This circuit requires an isolated capacitor at the output of the audio source, otherwise a short circuit may occur. The improved method is very simple. Add an isolation capacitor (isolated capacitor in the input stage, which is the function of “passing AC and DC blocking”, and it is used in the place where DC should be cut off). 10 microfarad 50V electrolytic capacitor Be applicable.

A single emitter follower has a small output resistance and a strong load capacity, but its quiescent current is large, so the energy conversion efficiency is low. To improve efficiency, the static operating point of the transistor is set in the cut-off region. The drawback at this time is that in one cycle of the input signal, the output voltage has only a half cycle waveform, that is, severe cutoff distortion.

In order to complete the waveform, the NPN tube is formed into an emitter follower of opposite polarity. Thus, a complementary symmetrical circuit is constructed. Capacitance in the circuit requires a withstand voltage of at least 50V. The circuit supply voltage is DC35V.


List of components:


3.3K = 4
18K = 2
47K = 1
1K = 1
560 = 2
100 = 1
30K = 1
220 = 1
0.33 = 2


100uF = 1
30pF = 2

2SC1815 = 2
2SA1015 = 2
2SA180 = 2
TIP42C = 1
TIP41C = 1
2SC2922 = 1
2SA1216 = 1


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