TDA7294 power amplifier circuit

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TDA7294 main features
■ Wide supply voltage range: ±10V ~ ±40V

■High output power: 70W (up to 100W)

■ Standby and mute function

■No noise ON/OFF switch

■Low noise and low distortion

■Short circuit protection and overheat protection

TDA7294 pin and function


  1 foot is the standby end;

2 feet are inverting input;

3 feet are positive phase inputs;

4 feet grounded;

5, 11, 12 feet are empty feet

6 feet are bootstrap end;

7 feet are +Vs (signal processing part);

8 feet are -Vs (signal processing part);

9 feet are standby feet;

10 feet are silent feet;

13 feet are +Vs (last level);

14 feet for the output;

15 feet are -Vs (last level).


  How is the sound quality of tda7294?

The sound quality of tda7294 is very good at present. The Swans M50W uses this IC, but it must be done on the power supply! In order to play her strong performance. In addition, tda7294 is not only high in power, the low-noise and low-distortion bipolar transistor circuit is used in the front stage, and the high-voltage and high-current DMOS tube buffer output is used in the final stage. Therefore, the sound quality of the bipolar circuit is pure, and There are FET high voltage and large current drive output characteristics. Many enthusiasts are fascinated by the delicate, natural sound of the TDA7294. But it is a single channel amplifier circuit.




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