Methods the residual copper rate concept and system of PCB processing board

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The pcb board copper residue rate concept: manufacturing process PCB glass epoxy resin (Glass Epoxy) or similar material made of PCB "substrate" began. The first step is making the PCB wiring design of light draw parts online, the method is the use of negative transfer (Subtrac Ti Ve transfer) line film "the way will design the PCB circuit board and the printing on the metal conductor.

This technique is the entire surface covered with a thin layer of copper foil, and the extra part to eliminate. If production is double plate, so both sides of the substrate of PCB will be covered with copper foil. To do two pieces of multilayer board can be made with special double-sided adhesive "pressing" up.

Next, will be on the PCB board for drilling and inserting components required for electroplating. According to the demand by machinery and equipment in drilling drilling, hole inside must pass (BI plating plated through hole technology, Pla Te D- Through-Hole technology, PTH). Metal processing in internal pore wall, can make the internal layer line can be connected.

In the beginning before plating must clear away debris in the hole. This is because the epoxy resin will produce some chemical change after heating, and it will cover the inner PCB layer, so the first. Clear and action will be completed in the chemical plating process. Next, need to solder paint (LPSM) covering the outer wiring in the PCB design, so that the PCB layout design can not touch the plating parts.

Then the various components marked screen printing on the circuit board, marked in all parts of the position, it can not be covered in any PCB wiring design or a finger, or may reduce welding or Electric current The stability of the connection. In addition, if the connection position of the metal, when "Goldfinger" part is usually coated with gold, so in the insert slot, in order to ensure high quality of the current connection. Finally, the test is. Test whether PCB has short circuit or circuit breaker condition, can use optical or electronic means test. The optical scanning to identify the defects of each layer, the electronic test is usually a flying needle detector (Flying-Probe) to check all connections. The electronic test accurately in search of short circuit or open circuit, but the optical test can more easily detect incorrect gap problem between conductors.

Do the wiring board, a motherboard is finished on the PCB substrate according to the equipment of various components, large and small with SMT automatic placement machine IC chip and chip components "welding up, and then manually inserted some machines do not live, the process of inserting components firmly fixed on PCB through wave / reflow soldering, so a motherboard is produced. Processing method: floor:

1, floor maintenance: maintenance of wooden floor, must first maintenance the surface of the film, not hurt its appearance, however, because the wood surface paint film is different, so the maintenance method is different.

Nitro varnish for wood floors: use a damp cloth to wipe or water not to lose luster and the shell. Every half a year or a few months, with polishing wax rubbed, and then use the net yarn KAICA can. Usually with a soft towel or cotton yarn on film can erase the dust. Pay attention to insolate, smoke.

Wide paint and lacquer floor: not available low temperature water often wipe.

Polyurethane paint: the floor is not water wipe to wipe the surface of lipid, and reduce the surface gloss. Alkyd varnish floor: use wet cloth or soft cloth to wipe, should not miss hot objects on the floor, not available plastic paper or paper like covering surface. Secondly, the floor of the maintenance and avoid heavy metals, glass tiles, sharp spikes and hard objects scratch the floor, don't drag floor surface move move furniture; should avoid stamp on the floor placing cigarette butts, acid and alkali objects; also not directly placed kettle, stove and other hot objects.

The wood floor is in use for a long period of time after the emergence of the old phenomenon, should be timely. There are two kinds of methods: one is to directly paint the paint color, the same method and wood furniture, after drying can be coated on the floor, two is without any color background, without any paint, but directly use floor wax wipe. Because wood is a natural material, not only durable, but also with the passage of time is becoming more and more perfect, more natural, especially the pure clean wax wood floor will become extremely bright, smooth and beautiful.

2, strengthen the maintenance of composite floor

Aggrandizement wood floor maintenance is relatively simple, in daily use only pay attention to the following points, can guarantee the normal use of the floor.

(1) all the wooden floor will increase or decrease with moisture or temperature changes, the change of the environment of the water content, the expansion effect of floor. We should like to protect the skin, keep the floor rate reasonable water.

(2) usually do not need the floor waxing and paint. Do not use sandpaper for polishing.

(3) recommend placing tic rub pad in the entrance, in order to prevent into dust, damage the floor.

(4) stains and grease on the surface of the floor please clean with household cleaners, do not use large amounts of water to clean the floor.

(5) the dry area of North, in the winter should pay attention to increase the humidity of floor surface with a wet mop, mop the floor, increasing the surface humidity appropriate, can effectively solve the floor cracks and cracking. If the individual location of cracking, please inform the sales unit, fill the local processing. In filling, increase the surface humidity due to floor restoration.

Please note that the rainy season (6) to close the window, so as not to rain.

(7) heating, air conditioning and other indoor facilities please pay attention to maintenance, to avoid Water Leakage soaked floor. In the event that the floor water, should as soon as possible to remove the floor was soaked in water for processing, dry in the shade or inform the sales unit.

(8) the bathroom and the kitchen door, should pay attention to timely clean water.

(9) do not drag the moving furniture, it is suitable to uplift.


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